Webinar: Recording Vaccine Temperatures

Recording Vaccine Temperatures


Questions & Answers from Webinar on July 8, 2020 – Recording Vaccine Temperatures

1. When do you change the status on the added storage unit from pending to pending approval?

You change the status from “pending” to “pending approval” once you “create” the unit and get the “Saved” message.

2. Will we have to enter the storage units even though we are currently using the refrigerator and freezer for vaccine storage and already have the approval from VFC Coordinators?

Yes, all storage units that contain VFC/STATE publicly funded vaccines must be added to SIMON at SIMON Go Live.

3. Will we be required to capture the temperature information on their Private Vaccine Stock storage units?

Yes, if the provider will borrow from that private vaccine stock it must be entered into SIMON. Also, if the Publicly Funded vaccines are stored in the same unit as the Private Vaccines the temperatures will need to monitored on that unit also and entered into SIMON.

4. Will we be able to enter our storage units into SIMON prior to Go Live?

You will do this on day one so that you can continue operating and giving vaccines in your clinic. A message will be sent out from the Immunization Division next week, July 14, regarding how this will be done.

5. Our thermometer is built in, will I need to add that thermometer separate?

It depends what type you have. Please email us with your make and model at scvfc@dhec.sc.gov, so we can evaluate the device. If a unit has a thermometer built into it, the vendor should provide information on that thermometer and also a certificate of calibration will still need to be provided for uploaded into SIMON.

6. How often do we do the "Upload Temperature Reading?"

Temperatures must be uploaded weekly. Download and save weekly temperature data report each Monday from the DDL(CTM) and then upload the temperatures into SIMON to the assigned storage unit so when you download your DDL(CTM).

7. If data loggers are connected to the cloud will those temperatures report to SIMON?

No, you will still have to download the DDL temperature data report and then upload the temperature data into SIMON as stated in question 6.

8. Does this pull the LOS automatically once we have entered the units into SIMON? Does this replace having to download the DDL every week?

If you have one of the DDL's that the system recognizes (LogTag, Onset, Fisher Scientific, Berlinger then once you upload temperatures to SIMON it will read them automatically and let you know if there is an issue. But you will still have to download DDL before you can upload into SIMON.

9. We have a backup logger. Do we need to create that as well and attach to the "unit"? We only use it when we send off for calibration.

Yes, you will only need to enter in the back logger into SIMON if the primary digital data logger is mailed off for re-calibration or the primary logger is having issues. Additional questions can be directed to scvfc@dhec.sc.gov

10. If we use the VFC data logger once we download the temp once a week does it automatically go over to SIMON?

No, you must upload the VFC 400 temperature file into SIMON. You must ensure the serial number from the logger is in the save file so that SIMON can recognize and upload temperatures.

The VFC 400 is compatible with SIMON, so the temperatures do not have to be entered manually in the system, but a file can be uploaded.

11. When can we start entering stuff in SIMON?

You can enter information into SIMON on the Go Live date, which is September 14, 2020, however; when the SIMON training environment becomes available you can begin uploading information so that you are familiar with the process. An email will be sent with a checklist of how to complete this process. The SIMON training environment will help all providers become more familiar with SIMON before Go Live.

12. So, when we start this, do we still have to do the daily logging on the forms, or does all this take the place of that?

Yes, the paper temperature log (DHEC 3265/DHEC3266) will still be required. In the SIMON demonstration tour that was conducted around the state, the providers who attended were polled and they requested that this level of accountability stay in place. The SC VFC program will closely review the need for the paper log over this next year as we use SIMON.

13. How do we get our usernames and passwords?

Regarding SIMON Access: DHEC will be making the SIMON training environment available soon. Once the training environment is available, intro email and encrypted emails will be sent to users. First email will contain intro. Second email will have URL and username. Third email will contain user's password.

14. We currently have WIFI data loggers, which aren’t compatible with the DHEC system. Will our location upload daily all temps?

It is recommended that providers at least load their temperatures manually weekly. It will be very important that the paper temperature log (DHEC 3265/DHEC 3266) is completed daily so the information can be entered into SIMON. More information is forthcoming in the 2020-2021 VFC Protocols. Additional questions can be directed to scvfc@dhec.sc.gov.