Cross Connection Control & Backflow Prevention

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The Cross Connection Control/Backflow Prevention program is a state-mandated program designed to protect the public's drinking water from contamination by identifying and eliminating cross connections.


R.44-55-20 (6) and 44-55-40 (6) State Safe Drinking Water Act


Cross Connection Control
Entire State Primary Drinking Water Regulations - See Section R.61-58.7 (F)
Lawn irrigation sprinkler - Policy Letter
Vertical Tube Test Procedure No Longer Allowed - Policy Letter


Every public water system must initiate and maintain a viable cross connection control program. This is accomplished by surveying the distribution system for unprotected cross connections. Once identified, these connections can be controlled through the proper use of backflow prevention assemblies. The public water system must maintain accurate records pertaining to the location of existing backflow prevention assemblies, type and size of each assembly and annual testing results (see Backflow Assembly Test Report Form). All testing must be done by a state certified backflow prevention tester. Additionally, backflow prevention assemblies used in South Carolina must be on SC DHEC's (List of Approved Backflow Prevention Assemblies for South Carolina).

Listing of Certified Backflow Testers

The General Inspector provides the service of testing backflow prevention assemblies to the general public.

General - Backflow Prevention Equipment Certified Testers - 09/2021


The Backflow Assembly Tester Certification course is a rigorous four-day* course that meets SC DHEC standards for certification in backflow assembly prevention testing. The cost of the course is $375.00 per student and includes all course materials. Time is spent in the classroom and Wet Lab environments with experienced instructors. This course will educate students on how backflow may occur and how cross-connections should be protected or eliminated using approved assemblies, devices or methods. Students will receive many hours of practical/hands-on instruction on how to test backflow prevention assemblies and learn troubleshooting basics. Upon successful completion of a proctored practical exam and a written exam, students are awarded a certification as a Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester. There are no prerequisites or qualifications needed to attend this workshop, however experience in a water related industry is highly encouraged. For a class overview click here 

*Reciprocation: SC DHEC must be the certifying agency for all testers in SC. Please forward any current tester certifications from other agencies to our office or Mr. Steve Fox at The agency will review and respond with instruction on how to proceed.


A certified backflow prevention tester's license will expire every three years. In order to become re-certified, the tester will be required to take a 25-question, written exam and test a double check valve assembly, pressure vacuum breaker, and a reduced pressure principle assembly in the wet lab. The tester's differential gauge must be accurate to within 2% of full gauge scale or +/- 0.3 psi differential.

The two ways to complete the requirements for recertification are listed below.

  1. One way to renew your backflow certification license is to request a study guide from Mr. Steve Fox at You can also print the study guide at this link (Backflow Recertification Study Guide).
  2. The second way to become re-certified is to go back through the state-sponsored backflow prevention certification workshop described under " Certification " at the cost of $375.00 per person.

Upcoming Workshops

To join our waiting list, please fill out the electronic form in the link below. If an opening becomes available, you will be notified by email, and/or phone call. You will receive a link to register for the available class.

Cross Connection Control/Backflow Prevention Waiting List

Location Address Date Class
Registration Form
Charleston, SC

Embassy Suites Charleston Area Convention Center, 5055 International Blvd. North Charleston SC, 29418

September 14-17, 2021 FULL FULL
Columbia, SC

Hilton Garden Inn Harbison, 434 Columbiana Dr. Columbia SC, 29212

November 2-5, 2021 FULL FULL
Charleston, SC Embassy Suites Charleston Area Convention Center, 5055 International Blvd. North Charleston SC, 29418 November 8-12, 2021 FULL FULL
Columbia, SC Hilton Garden Inn Harbison, 434 Columbiana Dr. Columbia SC, 29212 December 7-10, 2021 FULL FULL
Seneca, SC Gignilliat Community Center, 615 North Townville Street Seneca, SC 29678 January 25-28, 2022 OPEN REGISTRATION LINK


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