PFAS Sampling Results

Surface Water-Sourced Community Drinking Water Systems

Sampling and analyses for community drinking water systems where raw water is supplied by surface waters has been completed by BOW staff. The results are presented as follows:

Some Observations:

  • 44 Community Drinking Water Systems sampled by SCDHEC
  • 10 Community Drinking Water Systems provided data to SCDHEC
  • Accounted for approximately 3.3 million of the approximate 4 million users of Community Water Systems (approximately 82%)
  • USEPA Lifetime Drinking Water Health Advisory for PFOA and PFOS – 70 nanograms per liter (parts per trillion)
  • Number of Exceedances of the USEPA Lifetime Drinking Water Health Advisory – zero (0)
  • Maximum PFOA Concentration Measured – 18 ng/L
  • Maximum PFOS Concentration Measured – 16 ng/L
  • Maximum Combined PFOA and PFOS Measured – 32 ng/L

Continuing Work

  • SCDHEC sampling of Community Drinking Water Systems supplied by groundwater has begun
  • The BOW has a workgroup developing a strategy to assess PFAS from an ambient waters perspective, including fish tissue.


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