Private Drinking Water Wells

State Regulation requires that the Department be notified of a private drinking water well or irrigation well before installation. Private drinking water wells are also called residential wells or domestic wells.

Step One:

  • The well owner or well driller will complete the one-page Notice of Intent (NOI) form (Form 3647) and submit it to SCDHEC, Private Well Program, 2600 Bull Street, Columbia, S.C. 29201.
  • There is a fee of $70 for a drinking water well or $50 for an irrigation well (The $20.00 difference is to provide water quality testing).

Step Two:

  • The well driller contacts the local EA Regional Office to provide the time and date of drilling 48 hours before drilling begins. This notice will provide the opportunity for a SCDHEC inspector to observe the well's installation.
  • Construction standards still need to conform to the Well Standards, R.61-71.
  • The 48-hour notice can be concurrent with Step One. That is, the 48 hours can begin when the NOI is received by SCDHEC.

This new regulation applies only to individual residential or irrigation wells. If a proposed well is to serve a small business, such as a service station, it is a Public Water Supply and needs to follow the Water Supply permitting procedures.

Annual Reports

Private Wells Program Annual Report 2019-2020 Private Well Program Annual Report 2018-2019


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