Private Drinking Water Wells

South Carolina's Individual Residential Well and Irrigation Well Permitting Regulation (R.61-44) provides the legal authority and mandate for DHEC to issue permits for these wells. All wells shall be drilled, constructed, and abandoned by a South Carolina certified well driller per S.C. Code Section 40-23-10 et seq (to find well drillers or verify driller certifications, please visit SCGWA and LLR websites).

DHEC's private well permitting and inspection program helps to ensure individual residential wells and irrigation wells are constructed in accordance with well standards (R.61-71) that will provide a safe supply of water and maintain good groundwater quality.


Individual Residential Wells – Intended to produce water for human consumption at a single residence.

Irrigation Wells – Intended to produce water for use other than human consumption (lawn and landscape watering, agricultural use, livestock, etc.).

Notice of Intent Process

Step One:

  • Prior to construction of any individual residential well or irrigation well, a Notice of Intent (NOI) to obtain coverage under the General Permit is submitted by the well owner, agent of the well owner, or well driller.
  • A fee of $70.00 for each individual residential well and a fee of $50.00 for each irrigation well should accompany the NOI for it to be considered a complete application. 
  • Upon receipt of a completed NOI, DHEC has 48 hours to accomplish its review.

Step Two:

  • The well driller notifies DHEC 48 hours prior to installation of the exact date, time, and location of the proposed well.
  • Local DHEC inspectors may schedule inspections to determine compliance with the Well Standards, R.61-71.
  • This 48-hour period may run concurrent with Step One. That is, the 48 hours can begin when the NOI is received by SCDHEC.

Other Permits

R.61-44 and R.61-71 applies only to individual residential wells and irrigation wells. Any well that will serve potable water to multiple households or a small business is considered a public water supply well and will need to follow the Water Supply permitting procedures.

Any well or system of wells that will be withdrawing more than 3 million gallons in any given month must also obtain a Groundwater Withdrawal Permit in compliance with the groundwater use and reporting act (R.61-113).


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Private Wells