Webinar: Enrollment Overview

Enrollment Overview


Questions & Answers from Webinar on August 19, 2020 – Enrollment Overview

1. We did our vaccine training in February this year for re-enrollment. Are we allowed to use those certificates?

Yes, VFC providers must receive annual training on VFC requirements within the current calendar year (January-December). To meet this requirement the Primary and Backup Vaccine Coordinator's designated by the Medical Director/Equivalent (Signatory).

2. Can we go ahead and upload our 2020 certificates in SCIAPPS now?

You can but they will not transfer over into SIMON. Certificates will have to be uploaded in SIMON.

3. Will any info we upload now carry over when SIMON goes live? (i.e. physician license)

The following will not migrate over into SIMON:

  • Certificates of any Annual Training- YCTS modules for VFC and Storage and Handling
  • Medical Licenses for any health care providers at the provider practice
  • Medical License of the Signatory
  • Certificates of Calibration for continuous temperature monitoring (CTMs) devices also known as digital data loggers (DDLs)

4. If you are an RHC, can you provide vaccines for the underinsured?


5. May I use the information I input in April for quantity recertification on doses?

If you are referring to the provider profile to determine population served. It should be one year (previous 12 months) from date of submission for recertification.

6. I have a lot of new staff and back-up and primary will be changing. Should I update this now or after switching over?

It is up to the provider practice, however if you update SCIAPPS now the user information will migrate over into SIMON.

7. I have a new doctor for the signatory. How do I go about getting that changed?

The Medical Director or Equivalent must contact the Immunization Division VFC Program by email at scvfc@dhec.sc.gov. The new Signatory will need to provide the following in the email:

  • VFC Provider Site Name
  • VFC Provider Identification Number (six digit PIN)
  • Full Name (as it appears on their medical license)
  • Medical License number (must be license in the State of South Carolina)
  • Medicaid/ NPI#
  • Signatory’s active email address (This must be a valid email used for their electronic signature and username for SCIAPPS; it cannot be the email of any other person in the practice.)
  • Reason for change of Signatory