Webinar: Getting Ready for SIMON GO LIVE

Due to technical issues during the recording, the webinar for this training is unavailable.


Questions & Answers from Webinar on September 9, 2020 – Getting Ready for SIMON GO LIVE

1. We don't order each month. Can we just do the reconciliation at the time of the order like we have done in the past?

You can reconcile at the time of the order; however, we suggest reconciling each month.

2. We're currently using the WIFI Data Logger. Do we need to go back to using the 400 Data Logger to use with SIMON?

You will need to use one of the approved DDL's.

3. Do pharmacies fall under the temperature and vaccine quantity logs?

No, unless the pharmacy is enrolled in the VFC/STATE program.

4. I have a Rotarix vaccine expiring the end of this month. Do I have to wait for it to expire before completing a wastage form?

You must wait until the vaccine expires. Once it does will do the wastage and return in SIMON.

5. Is there any change in the way we register vaccines we give employees?

SCIAPPS will not be available. SIMON is the new system for reporting doses administered to your employees.

6. Is there a step by step guide that can be used to enter all our info?

Yes, on the SIMON Website www.scdhec.gov/SIMON under the Training resources there are guides that walk you through all the processes.

7. Will all vaccines that are given for September 9 - 11 have to be entered into SIMON at the time of the soft GO LIVE as well?

Yes, any immunization administered September 9 through 13 must be entered when SIMON goes live on September 14.

8. What is the best way to contact support during the soft GO Live?

For login and password issues call 1-800-277-4687 , for other issues enter a help ticket on the SIMON Website www.scdhec.gov/SIMON and click the SIMON Help Request button.

9. Do we have to inventory our non VFC/ non state vaccines into SIMON? We are currently borrowing from them until we get our flu vaccines.

Private stock must be entered into SIMON for VFC providers.

10. Will immunization records from SCIAPPS come over into SIMON automatically?

Yes, immunization records are being migrated from SCIAPPS to SIMON.

11. Is it possible to quantify our vaccine inventory on Sun and enter Sunday's numbers into the system instead of using the data from September 8?

No, the provider will need to put in the inventory from September 8. In the event that the provider does not have the inventory from September 8, they will have to reconcile their inventory and make adjustments to the vaccine inventory when they come into SIMON.