Webinar: Vaccine Ordering

SIMON Vaccine Ordering Training


Questions & Answers from Webinar on July 28, 2020 – Vaccine Reconcilation

1. Will the VFC application be completed in Simon?

Yes, it will.

2. When the time comes next year, how will we order flu vaccines?

Flu will remain the same. You will receive a prebook form to be completed and submitted to the program. This will only be for flu. Supplemental flu vaccine will be released around the end of October.

3. Do you get a confirmation that the sent order was done correctly?

When you submit the vaccine order you will see a message at the top that will say that your submission was successful.

4. If you are registered in both VFC and the State vaccine program but only need VFC vaccines for the month, do you need to put in orders for both programs as you do now or just for the VFC vaccines? (Making sure the reconciliation for both is complete.)

You do need to reconcile your inventory for both programs but, if you do not need State vaccines, you don’t have to order them.

5. When will the VFC Provider Handbook be available?

It will be posted by 9/14/2020.

6. Will there be a SC State Quarterly Ordering schedule?

Yes, and it will be posted soon.

7. Once we accept a new vaccine order in SIMON will the Lot numbers automatically upload in to our EMR?

Unfortunately, SIMON does not upload into your EMR.

8. How important is it to have your EMR inventory match SIMON?

Your EMR inventory must match your SIMON inventory.



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