Webinar: Vaccine Reconciliation

SIMON Vaccine Reconciliation Training


Questions & Answers from Webinar on July 21, 2020 – Vaccine Reconcilation

1. Do you reconcile for VFC and State at the same time?

1. Do you reconcile for VFC and State at the same time? Yes, reconciliation considers all vaccine inventory entered in SIMON. The system will separate the stocks by Fund Type (VFC or STATE). Also, if you click on Links on the Vaccine Inventory Reconciliation Page, you can print out the Count Sheet to complete your physical count of the vaccine inventory. The Count Sheet also separates the vaccine stock by Fund Type.

2. What happens if you intended to give the vaccine, but the child was unwilling and you had to waste it?

The site will need to complete a wastage documentation within SIMON electronically. This process will be covered in the Webinar on August 5th Vaccines Returns and Borrowing.

3. If we only order about once every 3-4 months will it be okay to only do the inventory count/reconciliation when we are ordering?

It is strongly recommended that you reconcile monthly to help keep your inventory on track. It would be difficult to track inventory errors over a 3-4-month period.

4. Would it be ok to do a reconciliation more often that once a month?

Yes, you can do a reconciliation more than once a month.

5. I have questions about HL7 and SIMON?

Please email simon@dhec.sc.gov with your questions regarding HL7.

6. When will we get our log in information?

The logins and passwords will be coming to you via an encrypted email for both the training environment and the production environment. We expect to have those sent out for the Training environment very soon.



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