Webinar: Vaccine Returns & Borrowing

SIMON Vaccine Returns Training


Questions & Answers from Webinar on Aug. 5, 2020 – Vaccine Returns & Borrowing

1. Will we be able to perform transfers between State and VFC stocks?

Transfers are only allowed for EMERGENCY TRANSPORT ONLY. Transfer between stocks is not allowed. You can borrow between stocks but will need prior authorization from the VFC program.

2. Typically, we get our flu private stock for our commercial insurance patients before VFC/State. Can you explain how we are going to go about this with Simon?

You need to get prior approval for the borrowing request from the VFC program and then proceed. Reconciliation of the stocks will be required before you can place the next order. SIMON will need a reconciliation of doses. So, you would want to ensure that you are keeping track throughout the month any vaccine inventory adjustments.

3. How often would you recommend counting your stock?

Count stocks at a minimum of once a month, but it will depend on your office workflow. SIMON will again require a count prior to placing next order.



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