Webinar: VFC Staff Training & SIMON Functionality

VFC Staff Training & SIMON Functionality


Questions & Answers from Webinar on Aug. 26, 2020 – VFC Staff Training & SIMON Functionality

1. How do we access the DHEC2740 form during the gap week between SCIPAS going down Sept. 8 and SIMON going live Sept. 14?

You will contact the Immunization Division for the DHEC 2740 form at immunize@dhec.sc.gov

2. What date range should be used when updating the Provider profile? Twelve months back from the date the report is being run?

Provider Population based on patients seen during the previous 12 months. Report the number of children who received vaccinations at your facility, by age group. Only count a child once based on the status at the last immunization visit, regardless of the number of visits made.

3. For "Calling the Shots", do we do each module, or only the one titled VFC?

For the " You Call the Shots" you will only need to take the following modules: Module 16-Vaccine for Children and Module 10 -Storage and Handling.

4. Will schools accept written shot records between the dates of Sept. 8 to Sept. 14 if we are not able to print them out?

Yes, but on Sept. 14 you will be able to print them from SIMON.

5. Will we still have to run our DDL loggers once a week?

Yes, all providers must monitor temperatures per the current VFC requirement with a continuous temperature monitoring device known as a digital data logger. See the DHEC 3266/3265 for guidance. In addition, the provider will upload the temperature file into SIMON every Monday. If a holiday falls on Monday, then upload on Tuesday.

6. Once SIMON is live, do we chart our vaccines in our EMR as usual and will these be sent across the interface into SIMON like it currently is in SCIAPPS?

If your EMR vendor has passed the HL7 testing in SIMON then yes it will work like it did in SCIAPPS. You need to check with your EMR vendor to see if they have completed testing in SIMON.



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