Contract Opportunity – Engineering Support for the SC Dam Safety Program

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Closing Date for Submittals: 4/4/2019

Project Description

SC DHEC seeks one or more engineering firms to provide assistance to Dam Safety Program staff and management with regards to the Program’s execution of its responsibilities under the Dams and Reservoirs Safety Act and the Dams and Reservoirs Safety Act Regulations.  The selected firm(s) will possess a vast and varied set of skills that the Program can call upon when it either needs to supplement existing capabilities or acquire new ones.  Requests for services will be on an as-needed basis, and the amount of work will likely fluctuate widely depending on variables such as: extreme weather events, changes to state law and regulations, program staffing, etc.

The length of the contract between SCDHEC and the selected firm will be for one year, with two one-year options to renew.  During the term of this contract, the selected firm will be precluded from performing engineering services related to dams regulated by the South Carolina Dam and Reservoirs Safety Act and South Carolina Dam and Reservoirs Safety Act Regulations.

Professional Services Anticipated for Contract

The selected firm(s) will primarily be performing highly technical, professional engineering services related to specialized civil engineering fields including, but not limited to: hydrology, hydraulics, structural engineering, and geotechnical engineering.  These services may be required in any of the following activities:

  1. Technical assistance with permit application reviews for construction of new dams or repair, alteration, or removal of existing dams.  Requested services may range from simple consultation to providing detailed technical comments to participating in conferences with dam owners and their consultants.  Services may include providing recommendation to the Department whether a permit application is appropriate and of sufficient detail to be approved.
  2. Use of advanced hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) modeling to assist with hazard class determinations and spillway design flood determinations for new or existing dams utilizing advanced H&H modeling.
  3. Provide technical training of Program staff.
  4. Provide construction management and engineering services on projects where the State is dewatering reservoirs and/or breaching dams.
  5. Assist Program staff with, and/or perform independently, preliminary inspections of dams.
  6. Assist Program staff with, and/or perform independently, final inspections of dams upon completion of permitted work, to include review of consulting engineer’s submittals including certification of completion, construction quality assurance test results, record drawings, etc.  Services may include providing recommendation to the Department whether a Certificate of Completion and Operation is appropriate.
  7. Provide scalable support to Program staff with 24/7 availability in times of natural disasters to include all of the above in addition to:
    1. Rapid field assessment of dams
    2. Geographic Information System (GIS) support
    3. Dam break inundation modeling and mapping
    4. Any other task within the firm’s ability as may be requested



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