Lead Testing in Schools and Child Care Programs Additional Information

FAQ Videos

The Lead Testing in Schools & Child Care Programs Drinking Water Grant Introduction
What is the Lead Testing in Schools & Child Care Programs Drinking Water Grant?
What is the Objective of the Grant Program? 
How are Schools Selected for Participation?
What are the 3Ts and How Will They be Utilized in the Program?
Who Will Conduct the Sampling and is there a Fee?
Are Children More Susceptible to Lead Exposure?
How Does Lead Get into Drinking Water?
Who Are the Partners in the Program?
What is Remediation?
What Resources Are Available to the Public?



DHEC is proud to be able to offer this voluntary program with assistance from these valuable partners:

  • South Carolina Department of Education
  • South Carolina Department of Social Services
  • South Carolina Rural Water Association
  • Clemson University
  • Local Water Utilities
  • School Boards, Principals, Child Care Center Directors
  • School and Child Care Center Nurses, Cafeteria Staff, Athletics Staff, and Teachers
  • Local Colleges and Universities
  • South Carolina Rural Water Association


Caleb Snelling - Project Manager
Rob Devlin - Recordkeeping Contact
Doug Kinard - Remediation Activities Contact
Jocelyn Walters-Brannon - Public Communications Contact
Katherine Yon - Website & Social Media Contact