Nationwide Permits for Minor Projects

Nationwide permits (NWPs) are general permits issued by the Corps of Engineers on a nationwide basis to authorize minor activities with little delay or paperwork. These NWPs are issued for a category of activities when those activities are similar in nature and cause only minimal individual and cumulative environmental impacts or the general permit would result in avoiding unnecessary duplication of regulatory control exercised by another regulatory agency provided it has been determined that the environmental consequences of the action are individually and cumulatively minimal. State Water Quality Certification pursuant to Section 401 of the Clean Water Act, or waiver thereof, is required prior to issuance or reissuance of the nationwide permits which may result in a discharge into waters of the United States. A determination that the NWPs are consistent with the South Carolina Coastal Zone Management Program is also required prior to issuance or reissuance of the nationwide permits.

In a September 15, 2020 Federal Register Notice, the Corps published the proposed reissuance of the NWPs.

DHEC issued a public notice on October 6, 2020 to provide an opportunity for interested parties to comment on DHEC's certification of the NWP.

DHEC issued a Notice of Department Decision on November 25, 2020, to take action for a 401 Water Quality certification and Coastal Zone Management Program consistency certification for the proposed Nationwide Permits.

Information on the Previous 2017 Nationwide Permits