Camp Burnt Gin Testimonials

Counselor Testimonials

“Now that I am starting my career as a nurse, I know that I will be that much of a better nurse because of Camp Burnt Gin.” - Xavier Dixon, worked at CBG from 2018-2019

“Camp Burnt Gin taught me that we are all capable of doing anything. Camp Burnt Gin is the greatest and most fun learning experience I have ever had. I cannot wait to be back in my happy place.” - Drew Blocker, worked at CBG in 2019

“Through Camp Burnt Gin I have learned unconditional acceptance and inclusion, selfless work, and the celebration of all abilities.” - Anna Sizemore, worked at CBG from 2017-2019

“I chose to work at Camp Burnt Gin because I strongly believe that everyone deserves an overnight camp experience. I love everything about CBG and I would never trade my camp experience for anything in the world.” - Mikayla Genwright, worked at CBG from 2017-2019

“I started working at Camp Burnt Gin when I was 16 years old and have never looked back! To know Camp Burnt Gin is to not only love the amazing summer experience it provides each year, but a reminder to live your life each day full of gratitude, grace, and optimism.” - Kat Lynch, worked at CBG from 2013-2019

“Choosing to be a counselor at CBG was the best decision I’ve made! Every second spent there has been full of laughter, happiness, and fun. I never imagined the growth I would experience while working. Before camp, I had no clue what to do with my life. Since camp, I have found my calling and direction because of the amazing kids that I was able to interact with. CBG is 100% the best summer job you can have!” - Matthew Mills, worked at CBG from 2018-2019

“The reason why I chose to work at Camp Burnt Gin is because I enjoy serving others with support and connecting with them. Camp Burnt Gin has strongly impacted my life by having the experience to assist children with disabilities and caring for them.” - Kennedi Martin, worked at CBG in 2019

“Working at Camp Burnt Gin is an experience that I am going to cherish for the rest of my life. As an undergrad student coming from up North, I enjoyed having the camp experience. I enjoyed being in the outdoors and doing activities like kayaking or crafting with my campers. I enjoyed the simple fact that I slept in a cabin, which is something I'd never done before. Camp Burnt Gin taught me patience, encouraged me to enjoy the smallest things in life, and the influence that the campers had makes me smile more nowadays!" - Alex Leonard, worked at CBG in 2019

“Camp Burnt Gin is my favorite place to be! I was a camper at Camp Burnt Gin from 1998-2008 and worked as a counselor from 2009-2012. I enjoyed giving the kids the same camp experience I had as a child. Working at Camp Burnt Gin showed me I could do things in life that I never thought I could do. It made me want to give back and help others which led me to getting my psychology and social work degrees. You will never forget your time at Camp Burnt Gin.” - Katie Brown, worked at CBG from 2009-2012

Camper Testimonials

“I've always have loved Camp Burnt Gin from Day 1. I love the various activities they always have, especially the lake and pool. They always make everyone feel welcome. When I felt homesick, they explained "Camp-Life" and I immediately felt better. Camp Burnt Gin has had a major impact on my life. I highly recommend Camp Burnt Gin for all!!” - Aiden K., attended CBG from 2013 - 2018

“I had a lot of fun summers at Camp Burnt Gin. I got to socialize with a lot of people. Most of them became camp friends I would see every summer.” - Adam E., attended CBG from 1996-2017


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