Sheltering During Disasters

General Sheltering

Shelters are generally the place of last resort. DHEC recommends that individuals who need to evacuate have plans already in place to stay with family, friends or in a hotel in the event of a disaster.  No emergency shelter will have the amenities and flexibilities that you have at home.  When planning for an evacuation, consider what aids may be needed for daily living. (Refer to evacuation zones here. If individuals who are unable to find another place to stay during an emergency evacuation, there are two options: general population and Medical Needs shelters (MNS).

Medical Needs Sheltering Eligibility

Individuals who may need Medical Needs Sheltering (MNS) support during a disaster should call the DHEC Careline at 1-855-472-3432 to determine eligibility.  Eligible MNS clients will be expected to bring items needed for daily living to designated MNS. (There is a list of suggested items under Additional Resources below.)

Medical Needs Shelters do not have a way to shelter non-service animals or pets.  Sheltering arrangements for pets, emotional support, or therapy animals should be made prior to the event.  For pet shelter accommodations, please reach out to your local county emergency manager to make arrangements to shelter these animals or see if they can stay with family or friends.  For more information on preparing for pets in your disaster preparation plans.

General Population Shelter Locations:

If a person does not qualify for a MNS, look for the nearest General Population Shelter at SCEMD.ORG Emergency Shelter List.

Additional Sheltering Resources:


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