Guiding Principles (EJ)

EJ Guiding Principles

DHEC’s mission is “To improve the quality of life for all South Carolinians by protecting and promoting the health of the public and the environment.” Find more information on the agency’s strategic plan.

DHEC’s Commitment Towards Environmental Justice

To further support the agency’s mission of improving the quality of life for all South Carolinians, representatives from the Environmental Affairs program area and various community organizations came together in 2018 to identify and shape the following Environmental Justice “Guiding Principles.” Doing so allows us to assist our community partners with protecting, revitalizing, and sustaining the communities of South Carolina.

Environmental Justice Guiding Principles

  1. Ensure that Environmental Justice Communities are Meaningfully Involved and Routinely Considered Throughout Decision-Making Processes.
  2. Proactively Build and Strengthen Relationships with Communities by Sharing Information, Providing Technical Assistance, and Identifying Resources.
  3. Proactively Promote Partnerships Between Communities and Other Stakeholders.
  4. Encourage and Facilitate Capacity Building and Collaborative Problem Solving Within Environmental Justice Communities.
  5. Strengthen Our Agency’s Leadership with the Goal of Sustaining Environmental Justice within SC DHEC.


Keisha Long
Environmental Justice Coordinator
Office of Environmental Affairs

Karen Sprayberry
Senior EJ Advisor to the Director of Environmental Affairs
Office of Environmental Affairs


Office of Environmental Affairs Statewide