Buist Mine

Allston Ferrall, LLC has requested environmental permits from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) to mine sand and topsoil at a location approximately 1000 feet northwest of Buist Hanahan Road and State Road S-10-92 (TMS #191-00-00-056) in Hollywood, South Carolina. 

After careful consideration of all comments and information received from concerned citizens and local, state, and federal agencies, DHEC has determined that the Buist Mine can comply with the South Carolina Mining Act and applicable air, water, and mining regulations.  Having made this determination, and being in receipt of the required financial assurance, DHEC has approved the mine application and is modifying Mine Operating Permit I-002209 for the Buist Mine.  The final mine permit, maps, reclamation plan, and a summary response to comments are available below.  A document related to issuance of a water permit is also available below. 

DHEC appreciates the interest, engagement, and comments received from all our stakeholders during the environmental permitting process for the Buist Mine.


DHEC’s Bureau of Land and Waste Management (BLWM) received an application for a mine operating permit for the proposed Buist Mine on February 3, 2022. Documents used in the BLWM permitting process are available below: 

The BLWM placed the mine operating permit application on public notice and began accepting public comments in March 2022. The BLWM completed review of all information and public comments received in writing, as well as those shared during the DHEC public hearing held on July 28, 2022. Additional information provided by the applicant was also reviewed. 

Questions about the mine operating permit and the BLWM’s permitting process may be directed to: 

William Meservy 
Phone: (803) 898-1369 
Email: meservwn@dhec.sc.gov 

Virtual Public Meeting and Public Hearing 

DHEC held a virtual public meeting and public hearing on July 28, 2022, to share information and accept comments on the proposed modification of Buist Mine July 28, 2022.