Apply for a Grant

The 2021 grant application period is closed

DHEC awards Champions of the Environment grants each school year. Smaller awards are available for runner-up projects. Please apply next year.

Who's Eligible?

  • K-12 students, their teachers, and environmental educators carrying out an environmental project in South Carolina.
  • A student group of any size. Applicants that educate K-12 students outside of a formal classroom setting (such as an environmental education center or Scout group) are encouraged to partner with a school, classroom, or teacher.

Projects must address  environmental issues among the following categories:

  • Prevention or reduction of pollution in the air, water, or land 
  • Waste reduction
  • Restoration, preservation, or enhancement of natural areas
  • Water or energy efficiency
  • Projects must also educate the community and make a lasting difference to the environment
  • Visit the Ideas & Advice page for more information

Grantees Receive:

  • A cash award of $2,500 to use toward their project
  • Their project featured in a commercial 
  • Their project highlighted on the Champions website

Runners-up receive a smaller cash award to use for their project.

Note: No additional application is needed to be considered for a runner-up award.

To Apply for a Champions Grant:

How Are Champions Grant Winners Chosen?

The Champions Partnership awards grants to environmental projects that are logical, well-planned, and are highly likely to meet goals and objectives. Projects are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Benefits to the environment - positive outcomes for the environment through one issue or cumulatively through multiple issues
  • Sustainability / long-term environmental benefits - ability to sustain the project and/or sustain the environmental benefit or education gained through the project
  • Student education - learning opportunities
  • Student involvement - as appropriate for the age and skill level of the students
  • Outreach - education (and involvement) of those involved with and outside the project - including students, school, parents or the community
  • Realization factor - likelihood of completion
  • Suitable Use of Funds - funds used on items that support the goal(s) of the project
  • Consideration is also given to innovation, creativity and partnerships


Champions Coordinator: Amanda Ley, (803) 898-4183