Solid Waste Landfills and Structural Fill Regulation

How can I find out whether a landfill in my area is meeting the regulation requirements?

Your local environmental quality control office has an inspector who routinely inspects landfills in your area. The inspector has the most current knowledge of a landfill's compliance status. Every 5 years staff from the central office in Columbia review a landfill's file to include these inspection reports, as well as the facility's operation plan. Permits may be modified to accommodate needed changes in operation to bring the facility up to date with new regulations or to operate in accordance with the regulation. Facility file information is available to the public through SCDHEC's Freedom of Information Office. They can be reached by calling (803) 898-3882 .

Laws and Regulations

Regulation 61-107.19, Solid Waste Management: Solid Waste Landfills and Structural Fill


Marty Lindler, Director, (803) 898-0456


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