SUPERB Overview

The State Underground Petroleum Environmental Response Bank (SUPERB) Account was established to ensure the availability of funds for the rehabilitation of a release at a site contaminated with petroleum or petroleum products released from an underground storage tank system.

Each release is examined separately for SUPERB eligibility. In order for a release to be reimbursed from SUPERB funding, the Division will determine whether or not the tank owner has demonstrated a good faith effort to comply with regulations necessary and essential in preventing releases, facilitating their early detection, and mitigating their impact to the environment.

If a new release has been declared from your tank system, you will receive a letter regarding the eligibility of that release for SUPERB funding. If the release has been determined to be eligible for compensation from the SUPERB account, a SUPERB Account Application (PDF) will also be sent. The application is a one-page document that requires the owner to request SUPERB and verify that no other insurance exists. If any other insurance exists to cover the expense of the release, the limits of the policy will need to be exhausted prior to SUPERB monies.

Although the SUPERB account monies will not reimburse the tank owner or operator until after the $25,000 deductible is met, it is important to complete and return the SUPERB application as soon as possible to ensure that all expenditures are properly applied to the deductible. When the form is returned, the release will be qualified for SUPERB. Once qualified, the release will remain qualified until the cleanup process is completed.


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