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Biannual publication of compliance, technical, and financial information to supply outreach to tank owners, contractors, and the general public.

UST Public Record of Compliance and Releases

Section 1526 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 requires states receiving federal funds under Subtitle I of the Solid Waste Disposal Act to maintain, update at least annually, and make available to the public a record of underground storage tanks regulated under this subtitle. The public record shall include (to the maximum extent practicable, for each year) the number, sources, and causes of underground storage tank releases, the record of compliance by underground storage tanks in the state with Subtitle I or approved state program, and data on equipment failures.

South Carolina's Annual Report (pdf) (Updated each October)

SUPERB Quarterly Financial Report

The SUPERB Act establishes the SUPERB Account to ensure the availability of funds for the rehabilitation of petroleum and petroleum product releases from underground storage tanks and for administration of the underground storage tank program. The SUPERB Act also establishes the Financial Responsibility Fund which must be used for compensating third parties for actual costs for bodily injury and property damage caused by accidental releases from underground storage tanks and for costs of the department of claim or suit intervention.

The Division is required to keep an accurate record of revenue and expenses incurred under the provisions of this chapter and to make the record public on a quarterly basis.

SUPERB Quarterly Financial Report - March 31, 2024
SUPERB Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda
SUPERB Advisory Committee Report

The South Carolina General Assembly has directed the Department of Health and Environmental Control, through enactment of the SUPERB Act of 1988 (Section 44-2-150), to establish a Superb Advisory Committee to study the implementation and administration of the SUPERB program, including the SUPERB Account, the SUPERB Financial Responsibility Fund, and the regulatory requirements applicable to underground storage tanks; to make recommendations to the department and the General Assembly on ways to improve the efficiency of the program and to maximize available funds and to advise the department on administration of the program.

The committee shall submit to the department and the General Assembly by the end of each calendar year an annual report which, at a minimum, shall address the financial status and viability of the SUPERB Account and the SUPERB Financial Responsibility Fund, the number of sites successfully remediated pursuant to the SUPERB program, the number of sites remaining to be remediated, and any statutory or regulatory changes that the committee recommends.

SUPERB Advisory Committee Report

Proposed Federal UST Regulations

The revised federal UST Regulations 40 CFR 280 and 40 CFR 281 went into effect October 13, 2015.



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