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SC UST Regulation Revision Effective May 26, 2017

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revised their Underground Storage Tank regulations in July 2015. The regulation became effective October 13, 2015. In response to the EPA's regulation revision, the South Carolina Underground Storage Tank Management Division revised its regulation R. 61-92, Part 280. The regulation became effective May 26, 2017. You may view the revised regulation. Furthermore, there are some changes that are effective immediately and there are other changes that will not be effective until May 26, 2020.

The second deadline May 26, 2023 is quickly approaching, please check your three year testing documents (overfill prevention, spill bucket, & containment sumps) to ensure the testing is completed on time. 

Please view An Owner/Operator's Implementation Guide for the South Carolina Underground Storage Tank Control Regulations 61-92, Part 280 for specific information about the regulation revision.

Regulation Revision Guidance Material

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UST - 2018 Fall Workshop - (PDF) UST - Operator's Implementation Guide - R.61-92 Part 280 - (PDF)


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