Horry County SWA - Solid Waste Operations

Solid Waste Operations 

SWA Class II Landfill.jpg

A Class 2 Landfill is generally referred to as a construction and demolition debris landfill as the following items are allowed to be disposed in it: asphalt, concrete, lumber, cardboard, shingles, glass, land-clearing debris, etc. Class 2 Landfills are not required to have a liner system. Since Horry County is constructing a Class 3 Landfill atop the Class 2 Landfill, the Class 2 Landfill will eventually contain a liner system as part of its final cover. 

A Class 3 Landfill can accept municipal solid waste, construction and demolition debris, non-hazardous industrial waste, sewage sludge, and other non-hazardous waste for disposal. While Class 3 Landfills can accept those waste streams, Horry County refuses to accept some of them. A Class 3 Landfill is not allowed to dispose of hazardous waste, infectious waste, or land-clearing debris. A Class 3 Landfill is required to have a liner system. 

A Class 2 Processing facility can accept the same wastes as a Class 2 Landfill. Those wastes are sorted to determine which can be recycled and which must go to the landfill. This facility allows Horry County to divert approximately 12,000 tons of waste from its landfill each year, which doesn’t account for the carpet or concrete that is also diverted. 

A composting facility brings in land-clearing debris and other yard trimmings and grinds those to make compost. Horry County is also approved to add food waste into their composting piles.