Calhoun County Recycling Locations

Calhoun County

County Recycling Coordinator: Woody Rucker
Physical and Mailing Address: 102 Courthouse Drive, St. Matthews, SC 29135
Phone: (803) 874-1558 - scale house
Fax: (803) 874-1242
Website: Calhoun County Public Works

Staffed County Drop-Off Sites

1. Belleville, 68 Hammonds Crossroad, St. Matthews 29135

2. Cameron, 671 Church Camp Road, Cameron 29030

3. Riley Road, 43 Riley Road, St. Matthews 29135

4. Kennerly Road, 97 Kennerly Road, North 29112

    Hours of Operation for Sites 1-4:
    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 7AM - 11AM and 3PM - 7PM
    Saturday, 9AM - 7PM
    CLOSED Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

5. Lone Star/Creston, 25 Hutto Pond Road, Cameron 29030
    Hours of Operation:
    Monday, 1PM - 6PM
    Wednesday, 7AM - 11AM
    Saturday, 10AM - 6PM
    CLOSED Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday

6. Fort Motte, 954 True Blue Road, St. Matthews 29135
    Hours of Operation:
    Monday and Wednesday, 12PM - 7PM
    Saturday, 9AM - 7PM
    CLOSED Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday

7. Sandy Run, 9507 Columbia Road, Swansea 29053
    Hours of Operation:
    Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 6AM - 10AM and 3PM - 7PM
    Saturday, 9AM - 7PM
    CLOSED Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

8. Stumphole, 335 Old River Road, Elloree 29047
    Hours of Operation:
    Monday, 7AM - 1PM
    Wednesday and Friday, 1PM - 7PM
    Saturday, 10AM - 7PM
    CLOSED Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

9. Midway, 34 Blue Jay Court, Elloree 29030
      Hours of Operation:
      Tuesday, 7AM - 11AM
      Thursday, 3PM - 7PM
      Saturday, 9AM - 6PM
      CLOSED Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

10. Landfill, 112 Purple Martin Drive, St. Matthews 29135
      Hours of Operation:
      Monday - Saturday, 8AM - 5PM
      CLOSED Sunday


  • Aluminum cans
  • Appliances, large (refrigerators, washers, dryers)
  • Batteries, lead-acid (car, truck, boat)
  • Cardboard
  • Household electronics (televisions, computers, computer monitors, printers and other electronic equipment; ONLY ACCEPTED at the Landfill)
  • Farmer oil, up to 55 gallons (ONLY ACCEPTED at Midway)
  • Oil/gas mixture (ONLY ACCEPTED at the Landfill)
  • Pesticide containers
  • Scrap metal
  • Tires (ONLY ACCEPTED at the Landfill)
  • Used motor oil, oil filters and motor oil bottles

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