Disposal of Asbestos

Never burn any asbestos-containing waste material.

Non-asbestos-containing demolition debris and debris which contains only non-regulated roofing or flooring may be disposed of at a DHEC-approved disposal site for cellulosic or inert waste. Waste consolidation activities involving grinding, cutting, or compacting of non-friable asbestos-containing materials will subject these materials to more stringent State and Federal asbestos disposal regulations.

Regulated asbestos waste must be handled by properly licensed asbestos abatement personnel and disposed of at a landfill permitted to accept regulated asbestos waste. A list of approved landfills may be obtained from the Asbestos Section.

Lists of Landfills allowed to accept asbestos

South Carolina Landfills (xls)

*Note: Although a landfill may be approved to accept regulated asbestos waste per DHEC's Bureau of Air Quality, the landfill may choose not to accept it due to the special handling and tracking that is required. Please contact the landfill directly to determine whether or not the landfill will accept regulated asbestos waste.


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