Coastal Zone Consistency Certification

The South Carolina Coastal Tidelands and Wetlands Act provides the authority for DHEC OCRM to review all state and federal permit applications for activities within the eight-county coastal zone for consistency with the South Carolina Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP). The CZMP contains the specific goals, objectives, and policies necessary for staff review of development activities taking place in the eight coastal counties. It also contains the basic procedures involved in the management of specific coastal resources, such as endangered species and archaeological and historical resources, as well as procedures for dockmaster plans and wetland master plans. Further the CZMP contains reference for those state and federal activities which are subject to a Coastal Zone Consistency (CZC) review.


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Coastal Zone Consistency Staff Contacts

Chris Stout, Section Manager - or 843-953-0691
Anna Bisig, Project Manager - or 843-953-0245
Colleen McDonald, Project Manager - or 843-953-0702
Holli Martin, Section Coordinator - or 843-953-0860
Benjamin Thepaut, Project Manager - or 843-953-0205
Jim White, Project Manager - or 843-953-0243