Coastal Zone Consistency Certification

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DHEC-OCRM is required by the South Carolina Coastal Zone Management Act to review all state and federal permit applications for activities within the eight-county coastal zone for consistency with the State's Coastal Zone Management Plan (SCCZMP). Pursuant to the Federal Coastal Zone Management Act, DHEC-OCRM reviews federal funding assistance applications submitted by state and local government entities for consistency with the SCCZMP.

The South Carolina Coastal Zone Program Document contains the specific goals, objectives, and policies necessary for staff review of development activities taking place in the eight coastal counties. It also contains the basic procedures involved in the management of specific coastal resources, such as endangered species and archaeological and historical resources, as well as procedures for dockmaster plans and wetland master plans.

Application and Checklists

Individual Coastal Zone Consistency Application Documents (Effective April 16, 2012)

Policy Group Check Lists (Effective April 16, 2012)

Additional Forms and Information

General Coastal Zone Consistency Certification

Federal Consistency

Because South Carolina's Coastal Zone Management Program is federally-approved, a number of activities are -oo1required to comply with the enforceable policies of the state's approved coastal management program.

This "Federal consistency" authority exists under the Federal Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA). The federal CZMA was enacted on October 27, 1972, to encourage coastal states, such as South Carolina, to develop comprehensive programs to manage and balance competing uses of and impacts to coastal resources. It applies to any activity that is within the state's coastal zone that may reasonably affect any coastal resource or coastal use within the state's coastal zone (even if the activity occurs outside of the coastal zone) if the activity:

  • is a Federal activity (federal properties and actions)
  • requires a Federal license or permit;
  • receives Federal Assistance (funding to an entity); or
  • is a plan for exploration, development or production from any area leased under the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act and;
  • Interstate consistency (instances where a federal action occurring exclusively in one state will have effects on the uses or resources of another state's coastal zone.

Such projects must comply with the key elements of the SCCZMP, which include:

  • the Coastal Tidelands and Wetlands Act;
  • applicable policies contained within the SCCZMP;
  • Tidelands Critical Area Regulations

Submission requirements:

A consistency review for the 5 types of Federal Consistency by the Department covers a wide range of projects, and as such, the submittal requirements vary within the South Carolina program.

CZC Section: For Federal Assistance, Federal Activities and Federal Activities with Interstate Effects, the requestor submits a letter that lists a determination of effects on coastal resources that includes the review of applicable SCCZMP enforceable policies. The State CZC project checklists (above) may be used for these purposes however a more thorough analysis may be required based upon project specifics.

Wetland Section: For Federal Permits/Licenses and Outer Continental Shelf activities, the Federal permitting agency (usually the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers) provides the Wetland Section relevant permit and public notice information via standard notification procedures for final Departmental processing. Click on these links for further information:

For more detailed information regarding Federal Consistency from the Federal perspective, please use the link below to access US NOAA's Federal Consistency website:

How a State and Federal Coastal Zone Consistency decision is made:

As part of these review processes, the proposed project is circulated to the public and a variety of State agencies for comment. When the public review period is completed, the staff will consider all relevant Department Geographic Information data, the enforceable policies, and any comments received. The State Consistency determination (memorandum) is then provided to the State Permitting Authority and the Federal Consistency determination (letter) is provided to the Federal Agency or its Agent.


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Coastal Zone Consistency Staff Contacts

Chris Stout, Section Manager - or 843-953-0691 
Colleen McDonald, Project Manager - or 843-953-0702
Holli Martin, Section Coordinator - or 843-953-0860
Benjamin Thepaut, Project Manager - or 843-953-0205



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