Final Stabilization

Construction Activities


Best Management Practices (BMPs) are an essential part to any stormwater management plan.

Design Guidance


Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans are required to be submitted with every request for coverage.

Regulated MS4s


Low Impact Development is a concept that addresses stormwater management at its source.

The NPDES General Permit for Storm Water Discharges From Large and Small Construction Activities requires that areas disturbed by construction reach " final stabilization " before permit coverage can be terminated.

The process towards final stabilization is typically initiated by applying topsoil or compost, planting a mix of grass and forbs seeds, and fertilizing areas of bare soil that resulted from construction activities disturbing these areas. These disturbed areas must establish a "permanent" cover of desirable vegetation that's at least 70% as dense as the pre-disturbed vegetative cover in order to be considered as reaching final stabilization .

Stabilization measures, in general, should be initiated as soon as practicable in portions of the site where constructions activities have temporarily or permanently ceased. All disturbed areas should be stabilized within 14 days of when any construction activities have ceased.


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