Dialysis Patient Emergency Meal Planning

Emergency Meal Planning

When a hurricane or other disaster strikes, kidney dialysis patients may be without their normal scheduled dialysis treatments until electrical power in hospitals or renal dialysis facilities have been restored. It is important to follow a limited diet if dialysis has to be missed. Therefore, dialysis patients will have to extend the life of their last treatment by watching their diets.

Below is a link to the Emergency Meal Planning web site by the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and the South Carolina Region of the NKF. You can contact them at the NKF Serving the Carolinas - South Carolina Region, (803) 799-3870 or (800) 488-2277 (Toll Free in South Carolina).

Emergency Meal Planning - Dialysis Patient

On this website you may find valuable information for the renal community in South Carolina. Check with your doctor first before using this or any other diet plan.

NKF Serving the Carolinas - South Carolina Region

SC Kidney Foundation
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