PMP Delegate Policy

(a) Practitioner/Pharmacist must directly supervise the person(s) to whom access authority is delegated;

(b) Practitioner/Pharmacist, as holder of the master account for Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) access, is responsible for delegate's use of the PMP;

(c) The authorized delegate is responsible for any and all breaches of the Prescription Monitoring Act (PMA) and agrees to take responsibility for any violation of the Act;

(d) The number of delegated accounts must be limited to the minimum necessary to provide appropriate medical treatment for a bona fide patient of the practitioner.

Practitioner/Pharmacist may delegate authority to access the PMP to no more than 3 delegate accounts;

(e) Practitioner must re-confirm delegate account at least once every 180 days;

(f) Practitioner/Pharmacist, as a master account holder, is responsible for deactivating delegate account upon delegate termination or when delegate access to the PMP is no longer needed.


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