Residential Treatment Facilities for Children & Adolescents

Residential Treatment Facilities for Children and Adolescents are operated for the assessment,  diagnosis,  treatment,  and  care  of  two  (2)  or  more  children  and/or  adolescents  in  need  of  mental  health treatment  which  provides:

  1. An  education program,  including  a program  for  students  with  disabilities,  that meets  all  applicable federal  and  state  requirements,  as  defined  by  the  South  Carolina  Department  of  Education  (SCDE).  The education  program  may  be  provided  at  the  facility,  if  appropriate  space  is  available  to  provide  a  free appropriate  public  education  in  the least  restrictive  environment,  or an alternate  location;
  2. Recreational  facilities  with  an organized  youth development  program;  and
  3. Residential  treatment  for a child  or adolescent  in  need of mental  health  treatment.

Regulations and Code of Laws



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