Hand-Held Devices

Manufacturers wishing to market and sell hand-held units in South Carolina must submit information to the Department for device approval.  You may contact the Department at 803-545-4400 for further details.  

The following hand-held devices are approved for use in South Carolina:

  • Dexcowin Global Model DX3000/iRayD3
  • KaVo Nomad Model Pro 2
  • Digimed Xray2Go Model MiniX-S
  • Dexcowin Global Cocoon Model DX-7017 and DX-7020
  • Posdion Co. Ltd. Model Rextar-X
  • Vatech America EzRay Air Portable Model VEX-P300
  • Remedi Co. Ltd. Model Remex T-100
  • Genoray America Inc. Model PX-II and PX-IV
  • Carestream Dental, LLC Model CS2400P

Vendors wishing to sell and facilities wishing to purchase hand-held devices must follow the registration and safety procedures outlined in the following document:

Memorandum: Dental Hand-Held X-Ray Devices - Use Requirements


Facilities Health Regulations & Licensing