Take Brain Health to Heart

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There's an amazing connection between your brain and your heart, and research shows that the same risk factors that affect heart health also affect brain health. This campaign started as a partnership between the Alzheimer's Association, American Heart Association, and Wholespire (formerly Eat Smart, Move More SC) to give you information, tools and resources about healthy eating, maintaining a healthy heart, ceasing tobacco use, and physical activity, as well as protecting your brain from injury.

Brain Heart Health

Healthy Body, Healthy Brain

Want to keep your brain healthy? Here are some things to do:

Brain Heart Sweat Brain Heart Stop Smoking

Fuel up Right and Break a sweat!

Participate in physical activity that raises your heart rate and increases your blood flow. Studies have found that physical activity reduces risk of cognitive decline.

Butt out. Quit Smoking!

Smoking may increase your risk of cognitive decline. Quitting smoking can reduce risk to levels similar to those who have not smoked.

Brain Heart Love Brain Heart Helmet

Follow Your Heart!

Risk factors for heart disease and stroke such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes can negatively impact your cognitive health.

Protect Your Noggin!

Use seat belts or child restraint systems designed for the age of your child. Wear a helmet when playing contact sports or riding a bike or motorcycle.



Take Brain Health to Heart