Request for Public Input on Maternal & Child Health Goals and Activities

Officials with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SC DHEC) are seeking comments from the public regarding the federal grant that provides important health services to mothers and children.

What are SC’s Title V Priorities, Needs, and Proposed Activities?

The Title V Block Grant is a federal-state partnership to address eight priority needs identified in a recent comprehensive needs assessment. Please review the State Snapshot to learn more about SC’s Title V Block Grant and the activities that are planned for the next 4 years along with objectives and associated measures that will be tracked.

You can make a difference in the health of women, children, and families!

One requirement of the Title V Block Grant is to gain public input concerning priorities, needs, and proposed program activities. State priorities were chosen for the five-year grant period based on the 2020 Title V Needs Assessment.

Your input is important to help DHEC understand how well programs are working.

Whether you want to comment specifically on the Title V Block Grant and the state's activities related to that or you want to comment more generally on the needs of children and families, your interest and willingness to provide input is appreciated. Note that when comments are reported, they are summarized so that people making them are not identified. Please email your comments to by Friday, August 20th.


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