Integrating Community Access

Efforts to integrate access to healthy foods and opportunities for active living into community planning and design

Built environment interventions to increase access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity create or modify environmental characteristics in a community to make healthy eating and active living easier or more accessible. Coordinated approaches must combine new or enhanced elements of transportation systems with new or enhanced land use and environmental design features. 

SC Health + Planning 

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The SC Health + Planning Advisory Committee was formed in 2013 to address healthy eating and active living through community planning on a statewide scale. The committee has a unique role "connecting health and planning in South Carolina." The SC Health + Planning Advisory Committee developed the following resources to support health and planning efforts in the state. 

  • SC Health + Planning Webinar- The webinar presents an overview of the South Carolina Healthy Comprehensive Planning Project and highlights the healthy eating and active living policy topics covered within the SC Health + Planning Toolkit. 
  • SC Health + Planning Toolkit- The toolkit is a healthy eating and active living policy guide for planning and public health in South Carolina. The focus of the toolkit is to incorporate health-related planning principles into county comprehensive planning, with the overall goal of providing a policy resource to understand, evaluate, and impact local planning policy in the state. 
  • South Carolina Healthy Comprehensive Planning Project: Baseline Report- An analysis of county comprehensive plans in South Carolina was conducted. This report provides a baseline measurement of healthy eating and active living principles. 
  • Creating Active Community Environments in South Carolina: A Grassroots Guide- A beginner's guide for communities that are interested in creating an active community environment. This includes local coalitions, community groups, and interested citizens who want to improve their built environment. The intent is for communities to work collaboratively with local planners and other diverse stakeholders to assess community needs and develop policy, systems, and environmental changes that support an active community environment. Using this guide, the community will walk through a series of phases to identify, plan for, and implement best practice strategies that aim to achieve this goal. 

Pedestrian Plans

A pedestrian-focused plan includes design recommendations that create a safe, healthy, and efficient environment for pedestrian commuting and recreation. 

SC Farmers' Markets and Roadside Markets Map- This map provides information on farmers' markets and roadside markets located across the state. 

SC Fruit and Vegetable Outlet Inventory Overview- This inventory showcasees the annual findings from a statewide inventory of farmers' and roadside markets across the state.