Dataset Details

The Dataset Details page includes both Data Details and Metadata. Each of these documents is specific to the corresponding dataset. In order to fully understand, interpret, and compare data, it is vital to have complete knowledge of the data elements included in each dataset.

The Data Details section helps the user understand how the data are collected and interpreted. The Data Details also explains the limitations the data may have and how the data are calculated. The Metadata describe the process and steps involved in creating each dataset, including elements such as title, abstract, author, data source, and keywords.

We are in the process of adding Data Details on all of the data we provide. In the meantime, if you have specific questions about the data on our portal, please contact us at

Directions: In order to view Data Details or Metadata, you must click on the title of interest. Once the data information is open for viewing, you can close it by clicking on the title again.

You will need Adobe Reader  to view and print these publications.

Air Quality
Birth Defects
Carbon Monoxide
Climate and Health
Drinking Water
Hospitalizations - Asthma and AMI (Heart Attack)
Mothers and Babies
Occupational Health


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