A Healthier State: Make Every Workday Great

Clean air — free from secondhand smoke and vaping aerosol — remains the standard to protect health. Secondhand smoke can cause death and disease in non-smokers.  

The Division of Tobacco Prevention and Control (DTPC) provides technical assistance and resources to educate state agency employees and visitors (including customers, clients, contractors, and vendors) about tobacco-free policies and provides customized materials and signs to promote A Healthier State tobacco-free efforts at no cost.

To participate in A Healthier State:  Make Every Workday Great, call (803) 898-2282.


  • Even brief exposure to secondhand smoke from cigarettes can trigger an asthma attack
  • Employees exposed to secondhand smoke on the job are 12% -19% more likely to get lung cancer
  • Exposure to secondhand smoke increases the risk of heart attack by 25%-35%
  • Tobacco users miss more days of work per year due to sickness compared to non-tobacco users
  • Tobacco-free facilities that promote free quit support services make it easier for smokers to quit and for ex-smokers to stay quit