Health Facilities Construction Overview

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (S.C. DHEC) Division of Health Facilities Construction reviews plans, specifications, and construction for health care facilities which DHEC licenses in South Carolina. This authority comes from the South Carolina Legislature. Some health care facility types such as doctors offices and clinics are not licensed by S.C. DHEC and thus are not reviewed or inspected by us.

For all projects:

  1. The first step is to read the DHFC Guidelines Manual (pdf)
  2. The second step is to complete a Construction Project Information Form (doc) .
  3. After completing this form, e-mail it to with a subject line in the following format: ‘CPIF - PROJECT NAME - COUNTY'.

DHFC Contacts

All reviews performed by Health Facilities Construction are done on an appointment ONLY basis with the owner or owner's representative(s) present.


Facilities Health Regulations & Licensing