Shielding Plan Requirements

Shielding Plans Are Required For:

  1. All diagnostic medical X-ray units installed at new facilities.
  2. Relocation of a unit within a facility.
  3. All installations of therapeutic X-ray or accelerator units.
  4. All installations of X-ray equipment at veterinary offices.
  5. All industrial X-ray units used in shielded room configurations.
  6. All dental cephalometric, dental CTs and TMJ units.
  7. Replacement of an existing X-ray unit at a facility, to include the control, and/or generator.
  8. Table bone density units (or area survey if prior approval is granted)
  9. Mobile and portable radiographic units with a permanent cassette holder
  10. All mobile units that are used in the same room for more than 1 week.

Shielding Plans May Be Required For:

  1. Modifications to an existing approved installation, such as moving the operator's barrier, or installing vertical cassette holder.
  2. Changes to an approved plan that may affect the shielding requirements, such as changing the film/screen system used, etc.
  3. Dental intraoral units that are installed in modular type cabinets where there are not complete barriers between adjacent areas

Shielding Plans Not Required For:

  • Dental intraoral units installed in rooms with complete walls
  • Most industrial and analytical X-ray equipment
  • Peripheral bone density units.

If Shielding Plan is Required, Do This

Prior to construction, you must submit a:

Once DHEC receives all three, we will:

  • Review the architectural blueprint
  • Analyze the type and number of X-rays that will be performed
  • Determine the room and surrounding area occupancy rate.

Once your equipment is installed, you must submit "as-built" drawings and the area survey (if applicable) to DHEC along with DHEC's As-Built/Area Survey Submission Form.

Shielding Design: Regulatory Guidelines

Consult our Shielding Design Regulatory Guidelines (pdf) for clarification on South Carolina's requirements.


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