Blanchard Family Bridge Critical Area Permit Application

PUBLIC NOTICE: Update to Critical Area Permit Application for the Blanchard Family Bridge, HPP-9FN3-85H4G

The DHEC-Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management is providing notice that the individual critical area permit application submitted by Mike Blanchard of Charles Blanchard Construction Corporation to construct a 33' wide by 570' long vehicular bridge across a tributary of Penny's Creek at the intersection of Fenwick Plantation Rd & St. Paul's Parish Lane in Fenwick Plantation is withdrawn. The applicant, Charles Blanchard, has withdrawn the permit application because the proposed work is authorized under a previous critical area permit, OCRM-07-243-B, which is active.

Critical Area Permit, OCRM-07-243-B, issued to Charles Blanchard is an active permit pursuant to Act 87 of 2023 (Permit Extension Joint Resolution of 2023). Based on this most recent permit extension law and two previous permit extension laws (Act 112 of 2013 and Act 297 of 2010), the new expiration date of permit OCRM-07-243-B is January 1, 2026.

Questions related to the extension of life to permit OCRM-07-243-B may be directed to Blair N. Williams at

For information on Permit OCRM-07-243-B and the Permit Joint Resolutions, please see the following links:

Proposed Project

The proposed project consists of the construction of a 33' wide by 570' long vehicular bridge across a tributary of Penny's Creek at the intersection of Fenwick Plantation Road and St. Paul's Parish Lane in Fenwick Plantation on Johns Island. The purpose of the proposed work is to provide vehicular access to upland areas under single ownership where access to public roadways is otherwise infeasible.

Community Engagement

Public Hearing

DHEC OCRM held an in-person public hearing to receive comments on the proposed Blanchard Family Bridge Critical Area Permit Application on Monday, April 17, 2023 at 6:00pm.  The public hearing was held at the James Island Town Hall located at 1122 Dills Bluff Road, Charleston, SC 29412.

During the public hearing, DHEC OCRM staff provided a brief summary of the proposed application and accepted verbal comments to be considered prior to making a final decision. Written comments were accepted through close of business (5:00 pm) May 1, 2023. 

What to Expect After the Public Hearing

DHEC OCRM's final permit decision will be made available on this webpage and by email or mail to everyone on DHEC OCRM’s mailing list who requested to be notified of the final Department decision for the proposed Blanchard Family Bridge Critical Area Permit.  

Contact Information

For technical information regarding the critical area permit application, please contact Sarah Reed at (843) 953-0269 or