Who May Request Reports

  1. A practitioner or pharmacist, or delegate, who requests information and certifies that the requested information is for the purpose of providing medical or pharmaceutical treatment to a bona fide patient;
  2. An individual who requests the individual's own prescription monitoring information in accordance with procedures established pursuant to state law;
  3. A designated representative of the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation responsible for the licensure, regulation, or discipline of practitioners, pharmacists, or other persons authorized to prescribe, administer, or dispense controlled substances and who is involved in a bona fide specific investigation involving a designated person;
  4. A local, state, or federal law enforcement or prosecutorial official engaged in the administration, investigation, or enforcement of the laws governing licit drugs and who is involved in a bona fide specific drug related investigation involving a designated person;
  5. The South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services regarding Medicaid program recipients;
  6. A properly convened grand jury pursuant to a subpoena properly issued for the records;
  7. Personnel of Drug Control for purposes of administration and enforcement of this article;
  8. Qualified personnel for the purpose of bona fide research or education; however, data elements that would reasonably identify a specific recipient, prescriber or dispenser must be deleted or redacted from such information prior to disclosure. Further, release of the information only may be made pursuant to a written agreement between qualified personnel and the department in order to ensure compliance

For technical assistance call 803-896-0688 and the email is scripts@dhec.sc.gov .



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