Child Health Websites

Listed below are several websites that offer quick, reliable information about taking care of babies and small children. These links are provided as a courtesy and should not substitute for medical advice from a doctor or DHEC consultant.

  • Healthfinder - An excellent portal to materialsfrom government agencies and organizations in the health fields.
  • Food and Drug Administration "Easy to Read Publications" - Children's health information in English and Spanish. 
  • KidsHealth - Created by the Nemours Foundation Center for Children's Health.
  • Bright Futures - Provides good advice on growth and development of children. It is sponsored by the Department of Health Resources and Services Administration , the Maternal and Child Health Bureau and the National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health.
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission - An independent federal commission created to protect the public "against unreasonable risks of injuries associated with consumer products."
  • Environmental Protection Agency