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Behavior Risk Factors Surveillance System (BRFSS): Survey Data

Using data collected from the world's largest random telephone survey of non-institutionalized people 18 and older, BRFSS tracks health risks in the United States. S.C. data topics include alcohol consumption, access to health care, demographic/social characteristics, diabetes, exercise, falls, HIV and STDs, oral health, tobacco use, emotional support and life satisfaction, asthma...and more.

Central Cancer Registry

This population-based data system collects data on the number of newly diagnosed cases of cancer (cancer incidence) in South Carolina. The data is used to pinpoint and study trends in how often cancers occur in a defined geographic area, changes in diagnosis and treatment patterns, and patient survival rates. You can create customizable maps and tables with the cancer data or view cancer statistics by S.C. county and Senate district (pdfs) .

S.C. Community Assessment Network (SCAN): Customizable Table and Maps

Use this interactive system to customize tables and maps based on S.C. health behavior data. Data topics include vital statistics, pregnancy, infant and child health and mortality, childhood lead exposure, cancer incidence and mortality, and more. View SCAN index of topics.

Use this search tool to view fact sheets on select diseases/conditions among South Carolinians by county and the 10 leading causes of death in each county.

Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) Rates

For certain medical procedures, S.C. hospitals are required to report the number of infections patients acquired after hospital admittance. You can use the HAI interactive comparison tool to see how a hospital's risk-adjusted infection rate compares with national averages and that of other hospitals in South Carolina. For general information about DHEC's hospital acquired infection monitoring program, visit the HAI website.

Land and Waste Databases

View info on mining activities, underground storage tank locations, and land and waste cleanup activities in South Carolina.

Pregnancy Risk Assessment and Monitoring (PRAMS)

This valuable health data on moms, babies and high risk pregnancies comes from DHEC's ongoing population-based survey of S.C. women who have recently given birth to a live-born infant, especially women who delivered low birth weight infants. You can create customized tables and maps of the S.C. pregnancy data .

Restaurants/Food Service Inspection Scores

Use our search tool to find recent sanitation/food safety scores for nearly 17,000 restaurants, delis, school cafeterias, grocery stores, retail meat markets, bakeries and seafood markets in South Carolina.



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