eWIC Info for the WIC Authorized Vendor

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eWIC is an electronic system that replaces paper checks with a card for food benefit issuance and redemption at authorized WIC stores. The benefits of eWIC for your store include:

  • It is easier to use and more secure than paper checks
  • Only one card is needed per WIC family
  • The store checkout process is faster
  • Vendor staff training is reduced as WIC approved foods are identified by UPC/PLU codes. 
  • It provides faster payment to the vendor

All authorized vendors must maintain a certified system to accept and process the eWIC card. The system can either be an integrated system that performs online eWIC transactions or a stand-beside device leased from our bank contractor. 

Integrated Cash Register System:

  • It involves one card reader at the cash register that can process credit/debit cards, SNAP and eWIC. All large chain stores already have integrated systems.  
  • All integrated point of sale (POS) systems must be certified to accept eWIC transactions. 
  • WIC foods do not need to be separated from non-WIC foods when stores have integrated cash registers because the cash register "knows" which items can be paid for with the eWIC card vs SNAP, etc. 
  • The cashier rings up the foods and the cash register deducts only the WIC- allowed foods from their household benefits. Then, if non-WIC foods are also being purchased, those foods can be paid for by another form of payment (e.g. SNAP, debit, credit, or cash). 

Stand-Beside Terminal: 

  • A stand-beside device is a card reader specific to the WIC card. Most stand-beside terminals also accept SNAP EBT cards, but they will not accept credit or debit cards. 
  • WIC foods must be separated from non-WIC foods.
  • The participant must notify the cashier they are using a WIC card, swipe their card and enter their PIN before foods are scanned. 
  • Retailers will need to reconcile the eWIC transactions to their electronic cash register (ECR) system. 

How Does eWIC Help WIC Vendors? 

Stores can expect: 

  • an easier, quicker and more secure checkout 
  • faster payment
  • fewer checkout errors
  • reduced vendor staff training 

Where Can I Find the WIC Approved Products List (APL)? 

The WIC food products specifications brochure (pdf) is available online. You can submit foods through the online submissions form located here

How Do I Apply for Authorization as a WIC Store? 

For more information on becoming a WIC authorized vendor, contact the Vendor Management Agency in your area at (800) 922-4406 or download the WIC Vendor Manual (pdf)

Got questions? Check out our FAQ's here

All WIC- approved stores are identified by the decal below. 

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