Mosquito Control Resources After a Natural Disaster

State & Local Jurisdiction Resources

These are documents state & local jurisdictions may find useful while responding to mosquitoes after a natural disaster.

  1. Post-Disaster Mosquito Control
    This document describes state, county, and municipal roles in allocating resources for mosquito control following a natural disaster, as well as course of actions to take and proper documentation for FEMA reimbursement.
  2. Eligibility for FEMA Assistance with Mosquito Abatement
    This guidance document is intended to assist counties and municipalities in applying for possible reimbursement before or after mosquito control has been conducted. This guidance also describes the data needed to support an application for public assistance.
  3. Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide V3.1_Mosquito Abatement
    This document contains extracted pages from FEMA’s publication, Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide, which specifically address mosquito abatement. FEMA may provide reimbursement for mosquito abatement measures at the written request of the State, Territorial, Tribal, or local public health officials after FEMA consults with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), based on the evidence described in this document.
    • See pages 9 and 20 in the complete document for the definition of eligible applicants and the legal responsibility to perform mosquito abatement, respectively.
    • Page 72: Requirement for providing a written request for reimbursement
    • Page 184: Appendix G. Mosquito Abatement. Types of evidence required for reimbursement
  4. Conducting Mosquito Landing Rate Counts
    This guidance document provides a protocol for conducting a Landing Rate Count, a method acceptable by FEMA for documenting an increased population of mosquitoes after a natural disaster. The document also provides a form for recording data.
  5. Template Letter for Requesting Mosquito Control Reimbursement from FEMA
    This document is a template letter to provide to FEMA for requesting reimbursement for mosquito control following a natural disaster.
  6. Mosquito Control Programs in South Carolina
    This document provides a list of mosquito control programs in South Carolina, which is useful for obtaining mutual aid from nearby jurisdictions.
  7. Commercial Mosquito Control Services by County
    This document provides a list of commercial vendors that provide mosquito control services.
  8. Vendors Providing Mosquito Count Data
    This document provides a list of commercial vendors that will perform mosquito trapping or Landing Rate Counts pre- and post-treatment for mosquitoes.
  9. Suggested GIS Layers for SC counties Planning a Mosquito Spray Mission
    This document provides a list of useful GIS layers to obtain while planning a mosquito spray mission.



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