Biological Parent Information

If you are the biological parent of an adoptee who was born in South Carolina, and would like for them to receive their original birth certificate when they reach the age of 18 or older, you must complete the following forms:

The consent and contact preference and medical history forms will be placed in the sealed file containing the adoptee’s original birth certificate and will be provided to them upon request when they are 18 years or older. The non-refundable processing fee is $27 ($12 search fee and $15 special filing fee).  Requests can be sent via mail or dropped off in person at the State Vital Records Office, 2600 Bull Street, Columbia, SC 29201.  Once the documents have been added to the sealed file, you will be mailed a written confirmation. If no sealed file is found, the documents will be returned to you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Adoptees can apply for a non-certified copy of their original birth certificate if the adoptee was born in South Carolina (regardless of where the adoption took place) and is age 18 or older.

The only time an adoptee can request an uncertified copy of the original birth certificate without written consent from the biological parent is if the biological parent is deceased. A certified copy of the death certificate is required to process the request.

If no consent form has been filed by the biological parent and if the adoptee knows who the biological parents are, they may request written notarized consent for release of the birth certificate.

A legible copy of a valid and current government, school or employer issued photo identification of the applicant is required before a search of the records is conducted. Requests that do not contain proper identification will be returned unprocessed. Additional information about identification requirements can be accessed here:

If a biological parent has completed the necessary forms and consented to release the information, the adoptee will receive the following upon request:

  • An uncertified copy of the original birth certificate on plain white paper.
  • Biological Parent's Consent and Contact Preference Form, and Biological Parent's Medical History Form, if provided. Any other evidence of the adoption contained in the sealed file.

If the Division of Vital Records is unable to identify the original birth certificate based upon the information provided by the biological parent on the form, the request will be returned to the biological parent along with a letter indicating that no record was found.

No, the original birth certificate cannot be amended.

If a biological parent has selected an intermediary as the contact preference, the person or agency identified as the intermediary by the biological parent will act as the contact between the biological parent and adoptee. Vital Records nor any employees of Vital Statistics will serve as an intermediary.

No, a biological parent may not provide other items, such as a letter or a photo for Vital Records to give to the adoptee. If any such items are sent, they will be discarded.

No, adoptees cannot receive copies of their biological parents' birth certificates.

No, the law does not allow the biological parent to receive a copy of the adoptee's original birth certificate.


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