Low Impact Development Presentations

2003 Conference - Columbia, South Carolina

Presentations by Neil Weinstein, Executive Director,
The Low Impact Development Center, Inc., MD.

South Carolina Low Impact Development Conference - How Low Impact Development Began (8.4MB)

SC LID Conference - Low Cost and Low Impacts (18MB)

Landscape Design for Better Water Quality (17MB)

Low Impact Development Planning and Design (7.5MB)

LID Design and Management Practices (9.5MB)

Key LID Principles (5MB)

Presentations by Larry Coffman, Associate Director,
Department of Environmental Resources, Prince George's County, MD.

Low Impact Development Overview (12 MB)
Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Technology

LID Cost Analysis Savings and Profitability
(10MB) LID is a comprehensive holistic
technologyinvolving new philosophies, principles,
practices and processes.

Urban Retrofit NY (10MB)
First, Define Your Goals: Water Quality, Water
Supply, Fisheries, Recreational Use, ESA, CSO,
Flood Control

LID Overview
A Comprehensive Innovative Stormwater
Management Technology to Protect Both
Aquatic Living Resources and Water Resources

Tool Box 1 Bioretention (8MB)
It is the optimization and combination of
bioretention, biodegradation, physical and
chemical that makes this system the most
efficient of all BMPs

AWTA Institutional Issues (8MB)
Watershed Approach to Manage Contaminated Sediments in the Anacostia River


Stormwater Water