Marinas - Special Requirements

A marina is defined as a land-based fueling facility that dispenses fuel over or in close proximity to a waterway. South Carolina currently has 71 marinas that are regulated by the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Management Division (44 saltwater and 27 freshwater).

Because marinas are special facilities that have concerns that differ from "normal" gas stations, there are certain points that should be considered any time a marina is installed or updated.

Recommended items:

  • Piping that is going to be exposed to the sun should have ultraviolet (UV) protection. This can be achieved through the use of marina grade piping or another approved method, such as non-marina grade piping in a poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) chase pipe.
  • Aboveground piping should be installed under the dock or on top of the dock in some type of approved casing in order to reduce the danger of it being hit or damaged in any way.
  • The dispenser should be located where it is least likely to be impacted by boats or other watercraft.
  • If the tank is located at an elevation greater than the dispenser, an anti-siphon valve should be installed at the tank.
  • At least one method of emergency shut-off should be located at the harbormaster's facility.
  • Manual cutoff valves should be located at the tank, at the piping transition point, and at each dispenser.
  • Dispenser pans and pump sumps should be used.
  • Dispenser hoses greater than 18 feet should be reeled or racked.
  • Shear valves should be properly anchored.
  • The hold-open latches on the dispenser nozzles should be removed.
  • Nozzles of the automatic closing type should be used.
  • In a floating dock setting, careful attention should be given to flexible areas to allow for motion of the dock while adhering to the secondary containment and corrosion protection requirements.

For more information on these and other items, please refer to Petroleum Equipment Industry, Recommended Practices for the Installation of Marina Fueling Systems, RP-1000 .

Because of the placement of marinas, other Agencies may also regulate the facility:

If you have questions, please contact the above facilities, as well as the UST Management Division (803-898-0589).


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