How Long Will the Permitting Process Take?

How Long Will the Permitting Process Take?

This is a tough question to answer with complete certainty.

The permitting process timeline is influenced by many factors including:

  • The quality of the application you submit: Many of the applications we receive are incomplete. This always triggers a request from us for additional information. The request and response cycle, which may occur several times in a given permit application process, can add days and even months to the overall time it takes to issue a permit decision. Submitting an incomplete application package does not secure your place in line, so to speak.
  • The simplicity or complexity of the project, activity or business being permitted
  • Community concerns about the project, activity or business
  • Location in an environmentally sensitive area
  • DHEC staffing levels
  • The number of permit applications we receive in a given period of time.

Planning Time Frames

Generally, about 80% of the new permit applications in 2013 were processed faster than the time frames shown below. The time frames shown are in total calendar days and include the time it typically takes for applicants to provide complete information. For planning purposes, you may want to base your expectations on the time frames below with some contingency time added.

Remember, the more complete your application is when you submit it, the faster the permit process will be.

With proper planning, the permitting process can be very efficient. Talking with DHEC (and with your consultant, if you hire one) as early as possible in your planning process will help you to develop a realistic project time schedule. We're committed to working with you to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

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Typical Permit Time Frames

The time frames referenced above are for information only and are based on historical results. While DHEC always endeavors to meet the time frames for review of new permit applications as set forth in R.61-30, "Environmental Protections Fees", circumstances outside of DHEC's control sometimes result in delay. Therefore, DHEC can not guarantee the above referenced time frames will be met in every case.

Need More Than One Permit?

If you will need more than one permit, it's especially important that you meet with us early in the process.

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