Record Keeping and Reporting

Owners/Operators of agricultural facilities are required to keep records on the operation of their facilities. The records include:

For land application sites:

  • the amount of manure applied to each field
  • the sampling results for the manure
  • soil monitoring results
  • groundwater monitoring results, if applicable
  • cover crops grown

For the facility:

  • monthly animal count
  • mortality count and method of disposal

For lagoons or storage ponds:

  • monthly water levels
  • groundwater monitoring results, if applicable

All records must be keep at the facility, an appropriate business office or other location as approved by the Department. Records must be made available to the Department during normal business hours and kept for eight years.

Regulation 61-43 requires all large animal facilities and large swine facilities to submit an annual report. The regulations allow the Department to establish reporting requirements for other facilities on a case-by-case basis in permits. Additionally, the regulations allow the Department to require the submittal of a comprehensive report every five years on a case-by-case basis.

Record Keeping Requirements for Brokers


Agriculture Environment Record Keeping Requirements